MyRewards Premium

MyRewards Premium will produce a multi-layered program; whether that’s to drive sales, improve knowledge or reward desired behavior

The MyRewards Premium package allows you to build your program from all the available features and modules within the system. Create a dynamic, multi-layered program aimed at different areas of your business to drive sales, engage people and change behavior.

MyRewards Premium is easy to launch, will consolidate your incentive solutions, reduce administration time and deliver added value to your business.

Our teams of Project Managers, Creative Designers and Technical Experts will share with you our ideas, best practices and industry insights to help guide you into making some of those all-important decisions, and create the ideal solution for your business. This includes:

  • A planning workshop – to identify what you want your program to achieve
  • A design concept – sympathetic to your brand, message and focus
  • A MyRewards web platform – to communicate and deliver your program, using all the features available in MyRewards to provide the functionality you need
  • A communications plan – engage your audience at launch and maintain momentum throughout
  • KPIs – measure successful delivery and program performance

Once launched, it’s our job to manage your program on your behalf, ensuring updates are made on time, while gaining valuable insights from your target audience.

example screen of MyRewards Premium

Design your program from ALL available system features and modules

Launch in 6–8 weeks

10,000+ global rewards available in over 120 countries

5 reasons to choose MyRewards Premium for your next program


Deliver a unique, yet, highly cost-effective solution to address specific challenges


Integrate with your sales or HR systems using our APIs


Exceed your business development goals


Consolidate and realign your global incentives


Centralize your data so you can properly manage budgets, track spend and analyse valuable information

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Looking for something simpler?

Our simple, low-commitment solution is a great way of saying thanks.

Strategy and support

Utilize our teams expertise and knowledge to help create, design and maintain your program.

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