Drive performance with sales recognition

Posted by Dan Kelly

Businesses function by selling a product or service in order to make money; it’s a simple fact. Sales are fundamental to business success, so the better your sales team, the better your business is likely to be doing. And, of course, the opposite is true too; a poor-performing sales team will eventually lead to losses. This is why so many companies prioritize their sales teams and seek out ways to boost motivation and performance.

Teamwork and motivation

Teamwork is key, as the best-performing sales teams usually work in a co-ordinated fashion, taking advantage of shared knowledge, learning from each other’s expertise and offering support and advice when challenges arise. A working environment like this really drives performance, because each member is motivated to strive for success on behalf of the team as a whole, rather than just for themselves.

This sort of supportive workplace is enormously beneficial when it comes to staff development. Within any team there will always be individuals who stand out and demonstrate excellence. Creating an environment where these members, and more senior staff members, are encouraged to share ideas and teach skills to those still learning can have a significant impact on broader skillsets. In addition, instigating an element of healthy competition within a supportive and established team can also do wonders for motivation. Helping to keep things fresh and focused, it can boost team-spirit as colleagues cheer each other on and offer tips for success.

SPIF days (also known as Hype days, Buzz days, Sales Activation days) are an ideal way to quickly engender this environment and make a great impact on the team. A SPIF (Sales Promotion Incentive and Fun) day is a fun and engaging sales floor event intended to enhance performance and drive results. Devised to re-focus staff, these days are filled with activities and motivational tools to keep sales levels high and create a bit of healthy competition along the way. For example, SPIF days can involve screens showing leaderboards or objectives, with spot prizes to be won instantly on hitting targets. Keeping positivity at the forefront, the day will usually conclude with a prize-giving to recognize top sellers and reward their achievements.

Boosting knowledge and expertise

SPIF days are not only perfect for boosting performance, motivation and morale, they also help to build a bank of knowledge that teams can draw on going forward. Event days like these are intensive, which means they inherently employ non-stop product messaging that educates staff and leaves them much more informed and better equipped than they were before. It also tends to leave teams highly engaged with the company brand, which is hugely beneficial when it comes to trying to sell it!

Any good sales team is centered around knowledge, as knowing your product and its USPs is the fast track to winning sales. This is why training is so fundamental for salespeople. This might involve product demonstrations or ‘hands-on’ training that allows them to try the product for themselves, or it could be setting up focus groups and engaging customers face-to-face in order to fully grasp their expectations. Alternatively, e-learning can be extremely effective. It is consistent for all attendees, yet it allows each individual to go at their own pace, revisiting points if needed. It is also time-efficient, removing the need for travel and enabling trainees to log on at a location that suits them, which lessens the carbon footprint and reduces costs for the business.

Targeted rewards

However you go about training your staff, the key to success is to make sure they are engaged and keen to learn. This is where a sales recognition scheme has real impact. Salespeople often feel stressed and under pressure, so keeping them positively motivated can significantly improve success rates. Providing rewards for sales teams to work towards galvanizes them into action and helps to create top performers.

Sales recognition programs are straightforward to implement and allow individuals to keep track of their own progress, while simultaneously enabling management to monitor and report on team headway. Systems like these facilitate ongoing engagement and motivation, as teams always know what is required to achieve the next target and reach their ultimate reward.

Enhancing sales team performance in all sorts of ways, sales recognition programs amplify knowledge, engagement and motivation, and boost team spirit, to enable your sales teams to exceed expectations and take your business to the next level.

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