10 Reasons Pre-Paid Cards Make the Perfect Employee Reward

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

There’s no denying that employee rewards and recognition is one of the most effective ways of boosting productivity, motivation and improving staff retention. In fact, companies of all sizes are seeing huge returns on their investment by using employee reward programs, which is exactly why so many are adopting this approach across a wide range of industry sectors.

If you’re among those who are ready to implement a rewards program, the next question becomes in what form should these rewards take. We have an easy and effective solution for you.

The truth is, few things will motivate your workforce more than cash bonuses. Our pre-paid MasterCard® makes this a fun, easy and secure way to reward your employees’ hard work.

When issuing a cash bonus, the designated amount is issued to a MasterCard® credit card that can be used in the same way any other credit or debit card is used.

Here are the top 10 reasons why pre-paid cards are becoming the top choice for corporate rewards programs:

  1. Direct deposit or other traditional bonuses often get lost in day-to-day spending, so they don’t feel much like a reward. A pre-paid card is tangible, separate and is more likely to be used as a treat. It’s also preferred over other store-specific gift cards which are more restrictive and don’t guarantee the employee will actually enjoy the bonus.
  2. Our pre-paid cards can be used worldwide wherever MasterCard® is accepted. It also allows for convenient online spending.
  3. Speaking of online shopping, virtual pre-paid cards are also an option we offer and can be used exclusively for online purchases. This takes the hassle out of having to hand-deliver physical cards and prevents them from being lost in the shuffle, if you’ll pardon the pun.
  4. Whether you opt for virtual or physical cards, they can be presented either as a one-time award or reloaded for ongoing use to form part of a rolling rewards system.
  5. Your rewards program can utilize as many or as few cards as you wish. There is no limit.
  6. Your logo or branding can be emblazoned across the cards so that each one presented acts as a reminder of where the money came from. This serves to enhance the sense of appreciation and loyalty the reward is intended to generate.
  7. Pre-paid cards make rewards initiatives easy. Administration and processes are minimized so costs are low and cards are easily reloaded if and when required.
  8. Companies operating internationally can load cards with USD, Sterling Pounds or Euros.
  9. Our pre-paid cards program is operated via an online portal that can be used by management and staff. This system enables everyone to easily view their cards’ status. Employees working toward a particular reward can quickly check their progress. From an employer perspective, reporting is a snap.
  10. Telephone support is always readily available. If users prefer, they can pick up the phone to check the status rather than going online.

These are just a few of the reasons pre-paid cards are becoming the most popular form of employee rewards. You just won’t find a more cost-effective and simple solution that works.

If you’re ready to learn more about pre-paid cards or our other rewards programs, contact us today.