Why company values should be the new binding force in fragmented, digitized times

Posted by David Gould

The last ten years have brought with them an unprecedented proliferation of fragmented workforces across today’s business landscape. This has been brought on by a number of factors, including the increasing demand for flexible working and the rapid digitization of business across sectors.

Companies that have fully adopted these trends, however, now face the threat of losing a sense of togetherness within the workplace, as teams become more disparate. This could result in diminished wellbeing and productivity and a splintering of the modern company culture, which could in turn trigger a loss of control over businesses’ communications, reputations and performance.

Creating a company culture

For example, the responsibility for sales is beginning to no longer rest on employees themselves. Instead it is now scattered among vast networks of resellers, system integrators and consultants, none of which share a recognizable company culture to bring them all together. Without tangible togetherness to create a crucial sense of belonging, firms are risking the dissolution of much of what motivates and empowers productivity and efficiency.

The advent of social media, remote working and BYOD has also brought a radical decentralisation of reputation management. Because of the wide-ranging ability for any individual with a smartphone to transmit messages to a global audience, a single junior employee has the ability to jeopardise stakeholder relations or send share prices into a tailspin. Because of this, it is now an urgent requirement for businesses of all sizes and across all regions to develop a new approach to binding together teams and encouraging working towards a common goal.

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Implementing values based programs

Reinforcing company or brand values is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Clearly articulating clear visions that align with leaders’ desired philosophies and outcomes for the business will help to unite employees around a shared vision. However, implementing a culture based on company values requires careful consideration. This is where the use of corporate rewards programs to incentivize adherence comes into the picture as an effective method of encouragement for employees.

These programs should be carefully designed and set up specifically to reward the behaviors and approaches companies want to endorse and champion. Employees who represent these values can then be rewarded with personalized experiences or incentives, both encouraging the repetition of these behaviors and making them feel valued by their employers. Effectively, well-tailored rewards programs have the dual benefits of re-enforcing values the company wishes to reflect while at the same time boosting staff morale, productivity and motivation.

Transforming business engagement

This evolution is already taking place across the workforce, which is reflected in companies’ marked shift towards using online reward platforms that can be accessed from anywhere. For instance, these platforms enable employees to receive instant rewards for points; a successful sale that demonstrates the brand value of ‘perseverance’ can be automatically converted into points and the reward redeemed via smartphone. In essence, the use of online rewards programs is growing due to the foundational need for staff in different locations to coalesce around a shared company purpose. Methods like the ‘gamification’ mentioned above are on the up in order to ensure consistent communications, engagement in expectations and a solid grasp of corporate values across the workforce.

In a culture increasingly taking advantage of remote working technologies and rapid digitalization, businesses are becoming extremely fragmented in numerous ways. Employers’ engagement with their employees is fundamentally changing – no longer is productivity centred around office morale, creating the need for businesses to re-evaluate their ways of thinking in turn. Online incentive programs have the ability to transform business engagement with employees, improve remote communications and help firms shift their emphasis towards company values as the new binding force in boosting productivity and effectiveness.

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