Can automated employee recognition save you time and money?

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

Businesses need to find ways to boost their revenue while reducing costs and becoming more efficient.

This can cover everything from incentivising staff to utilising better optimised software platforms and IT solutions. For example, payroll or employee recognition platforms to make your business run more smoothly.

Employee recognition drives stronger performances from your team members. Deploying automated methods for recognising the efforts of your employees might sound like a costly exercise but could automating this process save your business time and money in the long run?

Acknowledging performance

Employee recognition, whether automated or handled manually, can improve team morale. It reinforces that you’re an employer who pays attention and aims to drive continued, consistent performance.

You could utilise an online rewards platform that assigns points based on fulfilling company objectives, celebrating behaviours, rewarding loyalty or completing a training module.

This allows employees to earn rewards by reaching particular milestones that you can define, based on your business’s needs.

By encouraging employees to automate old offline processes and utilise the online functionality to share colleague successes, will build a collaborative culture, boost social recognition and improve employee experience.

By adding employee start dates as part of their user profile, can enable automated messages to be sent and points awarded, for key milestones such as long service. Employees will feel valued for their loyalty being recognised and work anniversaries can be celebrated by colleagues.

Whilst managers will be happy knowing that each month employees are engaged, but no extra tasks have been added to their workload to make this happen.

Ensuring your employees’ hard work is acknowledged can help to not only boost morale, but also lessen attrition.

The more likely you are to retain staff, the less you have to spend in recruitment and training new starters to fill roles – helping to save you money in the long term.

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Freeing up time

Utilising an automated rewards system can help to save admin time by eliminating repetitive tasks while maintaining a high level of compliance. For example, a manager might need to approve and sign off points being allocated to employees, based an idea submitted, referring a friend to the business, or peer to peer nominations against company values. However, if this is tracked automatically it frees up time for that manager to focus on other tasks, which are more beneficial to your team and your business goals.

Removing a manual approvals process and letting your rewards system handle simple tasks, means points can be allocated to employees as they are earned. This improves the efficiency of your system, ensuring data is reliable, easy to collect and reduces errors. Speeding up your rewards system allows your team to see immediate results for their hard work.

Automation also allows you to quickly onboard new team members into your rewards system. By using online learning, you can provide interactive introductions to company policy, health and safety and any other additional training relevant to their role. Providing online education to boost employee knowledge, through engaging content, means an employee can hit the ground running, whilst saving other members of staff time having to run through training manually.

The system could monitor progress and notify managers if there is an issue or a milestone has been reached. For instance, if training has been completed, or a training module has been left uncomplete for a long time. Or it could be if an employee has achieved a consistently high sales performance or received a peer-to-peer nomination from a colleague.

Growing with your business

As a business grows and takes on more employees, the scale of your recognition platform needs to increase to meet the size of your workforce.

Managing employee recognition manually on a large scale can be a massive drain on time and resources. However, if you automate managing your rewards platform’s basic functions, you eliminate a large portion of the management cost. This allows the management of your team to scale up with your business.

Manually looking at an employee’s progress in training and performance in a large business can be a mammoth task. Automated reports, however, could be used to save time and highlight areas of concern.

An automated platform can generate real-time status reports and performance insights, quickly helping managers to identify how the programme is tracking against KPIs, budget spend and the ROI. By exporting reports direct from the reward platform based on live data, provides better reliability, improved accuracy and less room for error. This can be valuable information to present to the c-suite within your company, showing key stakeholders that your online recognition programme is worth the investment.

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Powerful systems that can streamline your business processes can be a huge help in improving the efficiency of your incentives, while removing unnecessary admin tasks from your management team’s duties. This boost in efficiency can be a huge time saver that also allows you to better look after motivating your team. As a result, you can build stronger loyalty to your business, reducing employee attrition and ultimately saving your business money on additional recruitment and training costs.

At CR Worldwide, we quickly design, launch and optimise powerful and unique e-learning programs, with gamification elements, which can engage your employees, improve performance and drive your business forward. Our unique incentivised learning programs also combine all this with a rewards system, such as an existing employee recognition program or sales incentive scheme. Our e-learning programs are:

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Easy to manage — They offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This means you can efficiently manage, organise and track your team’s performance as they complete training and build their knowledge, allowing you to get the most value from your online learning program.

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