Improving Customer Loyalty Through Mobile Technology

Posted by Juliet Caswell

Customer loyalty is a valuable commodity no matter what business you’re in. A stable customer base indicates healthy profits and opportunity for growth whereas the constant grind of trying to find new customers is draining on your funds, your energy and your motivation.

So how can your business secure this sought-after customer devotion? Like so many other things in today’s world, technology holds the answer…specifically mobile technology. Traditional coupons and loyalty cards are now losing out to mobile discount offerings that put the benefits directly in the customers’ hands.

Catering to Your Customers

The classic loyalty card programs that we’re all too familiar with have led to shoppers piling up stacks of cards in their wallets and dangling from their key rings. As you’ve probably experienced yourself, trying to find the right card at checkout can be quite a task.

It’s important to acknowledge that some shoppers will always opt for the physical card and be less inclined to take advantage of today’s virtual rewards programs. However, mass-market demand is very much aligned with mobile advancements, which puts pressure on brand loyalty programs to provide options to their customers.

Brands that adopt a multi-channel approach will engage far more customers than those opting for a single solution. Mobile technology is the natural next step in this process. The most effective solutions will provide a combination of cards, telephone service, online interaction and, now, an app of course!

Keeping Them Happy

Incorporating an app into an existing rewards program is streamlined and cost-effective:

  • No costly printing
  • Minimal registration needed
  • Information is held centrally and made instantly available to the consumer via their smartphone
  • Mobile programs are updated in real-time so glitches can be instantly fixed or adjustments made to ensure optimal performance
  • Instant messaging makes it quick and easy to communicate with your customers
  • Comments and interactions can be logged and reported almost instantaneously, making your rewards program much more measurable
  • Social media is driving customer expectations and providing direct access to businesses. Mobile technology facilitates this fast-track service in terms of reaction times and provision of rewards.
  • If customers feel listened to, they will keep coming back


Virtual Rewards

The mobile element of your rewards program is simply your most direct route to your customer. Behind your app, the processes in place need to be well thought out and efficient, with great rewards available, in order to fully engage your customers and leverage their interest.

Digital rewards, such as prepaid cards, are a perfect example of how you can get that much-needed edge in bringing your customers over to your business and away from your competitors.

It demonstrates a forward-thinking approach and is likely to be unique to other offers your customers will see out there. As a result, your rewards are perceived to be a cut above the rest.

This is especially true when engaging customers via the mobile channel as these users are likely to be very internet-savvy and comfortable operating online. It will also add a level of personalization to your brand image if you’re matching digital rewards to your digital shoppers.

Can Stand-Alone Mobile Rewards Be As Effective?

The bottom line is, you have to know your customers and you have to know them well. There’s no question that loyalty programs need to adopt mobile technology and, for us, this means adding it as a channel to complement your existing programs.

A multi-channel approach will simply enhance your service giving it a wider reach and boosting overall customer satisfaction. And once you’re up and running and engaged with your techie customers, you can reach them with your instant messaging 24/7.

Sound good? Find out more about our customer loyalty programs today.

As a founding partner of CR Worldwide, Juliet began her journey with the company in 2002. Moving from Operations Director to Product and Propositions Director in 2014, she has played a significant role in shaping all aspects of the business to help it become the award-winning company it is today. In this time, she expanded the operational side of the business, – from her sole role to a department of over 40 – a team that successfully delivers and manages over 1000 reward and recognition programs for clients worldwide.