Building Customer Loyalty

Posted by Dan Kelly

Let’s face it, very few companies are offering a truly unique product these days. It’s a busy and highly competitive marketplace in almost any sector. Building customer loyalty can make all the difference between success and failure, but it isn’t always easy to come by.

The ever-increasing cost of living means that shoppers are looking to save money via promotional offers and bargains to keep their spending under control. Coupons and special discounts seem to be everywhere you look and consumers are more savvy, seeking out no-name brand products to get what they feel is a better deal.

Winning Customer Loyalty Has Never Been Tougher

Customer loyalty programs can overcome this challenge and provide a compelling way to engage with customers giving them a reason to keep coming back. However, in order to implement a successful customer loyalty program, one first must get to know their customers’ unique set of needs.

Brand managers must strive for a genuine understanding of customer responses to promotional activity. Our loyalty rewards programs make this an easy task.

The programs we offer allow businesses to monitor and learn more about consumer habits. The resulting data can have a significant impact on sales as you begin to cater directly to your customers’ preferences.

Using the Data to Win Your Customers’ Loyalty

Creating personalized offers or promotions on items based on what your customers buy most often will create an instant attraction. This will serve to boost your customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more.

Tailored marketing is proven effective. The customer is pleased to be getting a great deal and happy to be on the receiving end of these personalized offers as opposed to the typical mass-market leaflets that go straight into the trash.

Customized marketing allows you to target specific customers with specific information, resulting in the customer feeling more appreciated. This, in turn, builds loyalty. It’s an all-around win!

Making It Easy For Your Customers

In addition to wanting a great bargain, customers also enjoy easy options. If you can create an easily obtainable outcome by offering preferred products within easy reach of their other essentials, they’re much more likely to buy everything from you rather than shopping around…especially if doing so results in rewards they can see accumulating.

Making life easier and offering a bonus in return is a clear route to customer loyalty which is guaranteed to have a positive effect on your profits and entice your customers away from your competition.

Today’s consumer expects to be rewarded. If they decide to spend their hard-earned money with you, it’s imperative that you thank them and offer them an incentive to keep coming back.

Online Loyalty Points Programs

An effective, tried-and-tested method is a tiered online loyalty points program which allows you to reward your most loyal customers by enabling them to progress to ever-higher, more exclusive tier rewards.

The benefits improve as they advance, such as limited edition items, exclusive discounts or product previews. Points are collected at purchase and can be used toward later purchases, increasing the number of visits and boosting profits by cementing customer loyalty.

Loyalty programs such as this are commonly used in retail and likely to grow as more brands acknowledge their impact. In the future, it is likely that businesses without a customer loyalty program will be few and far between. Stay ahead of the game and start your loyalty program today.

As a founding partner of CR Worldwide in 2002, Dan helped develop the company from a start-up business into the multi-million global brand it is today.