Maintaining Momentum With a Loyalty Program

Posted by Dan Kelly

The launch of a rewards program is an innately positive event that excites staff and gives management something to be proud of. So once it’s up and running, how can you make sure that these feelings of enthusiasm remain?

It’s easy to generate excitement around a new initiative, but maintaining momentum requires some careful thought and planning. Day-to-day tasks inevitably distract attention and it’s easy to forget about perks and rewards when you’re wrapped up getting the job done. Having invested time and money in a loyalty program, the next step is to ensure that people remember to use it in order to reap the benefits and generate a positive return on your investment.

Feel the fun

There are numerous ways to remind your staff to get involved with your incentives program.  SPIF (Sales, Promotions, Incentive, Fun) days are one of the most popular, as they generate excitement and immediately impact results.

SPIF days inundate the sales floor with activities, decorations, themes, key messages, treats, instant rewards and challenges that get staff actively involved with company values and customer messaging.

These days provide the perfect opportunity to educate sales people on their products or new launches to ensure that they know them inside out. By making it fun, staff will enjoy the process and job satisfaction will inevitably boost sales and profits.  Staff become energized, enthusiastic, and even more knowledgeable.

Management can motivate

Drip-feed your rewards program messaging to staff on an ongoing basis. This keeps the activity on the top of their minds and regularly reminds employees of how they could be benefiting.

The easiest way to do this is by utilizing senior management and filtering the messages down.  It boosts interaction and staff engagement if team leaders are seen to be encouraging rewards and actively embracing the initiative.

Universal appeal

There is no point introducing a loyalty program if it doesn’t engage your staff. The best way to appeal to the majority of people is to ensure that your program is adaptable with multiple channels that allow staff to interact with it however they prefer. In order to prepare this structure, it is fundamental that you know your staff and what will appeal to them.

One possible route to choose is ‘gamification’, which incorporates fun by inviting staff to join in targeted online games. This approach is a hit with tech-loving members of the team who enjoy gaming in their personal downtime too. If offering an approach like this, it’s important to counter-balance it with a more traditional alternative so as not to exclude those who aren’t interested in these types of games.

When you’re at the planning stage of your rewards initiative, it’s vital that you plan ahead for the day-to-day processes. Choose a personalized approach and take time to select the options that will fit your team and encourage them to interact on an ongoing basis.

As the old adage states, ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’! It’s better to take your time and get it right in the planning stages than to have your system fall over and require an emergency rescue. Trying to sell staff on a program that has already failed is far more difficult than getting buy-in on a brand new initiative.

Promote and Communicate

Some other routes to engage with your staff are scratch cards and prepaid card promotions. These proven strategies impact performance and help to keep momentum going within established programs as an instant reward mechanism. It’s a great way to recognize an individual’s achievement and this will encourage others to step up if they want the same rewards.

Maintaining communication on a constant basis is also fundamental to your program’s success. Whether online or offline, the important thing is to keep up the flow of information and inducements to maintain the buzz and keep staff aware of what’s on offer. It could be as simple as sending periodic emails or SMS messages, whatever it takes to keep your program on the top of their minds. And if the communications are mixed through these channels then it will keep the messages fresh and enticing.

Finally, to be sure that your program is performing as expected, use the data you collect to measure and analyze ongoing activity. That way you can note and address any employees or departments that might need further encouragement or attention. If staff are informed, and the program is well-targeted, they will want to participate and you’ll receive a huge return on your investment.

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As a founding partner of CR Worldwide in 2002, Dan helped develop the company from a start-up business into the multi-million global brand it is today.