Taking Sales Activation Days Virtual

Posted by Juliet Caswell

When sales teams are driven to working remotely, it is a much greater challenge to maintain engagement and drive sales. Here’s how to motivate them, so your product and brand remains front-of-mind.

The current pandemic has disrupted the running of business in every way. With mandatory remote working for the vast majority of us, it’s easy to have concerns about results coming from a workforce who may feel less engaged than usual. Previously, research has shown that most (79%) sales teams have at least one remote member, but with the current situation forcing entire sales teams to work remotely, it is a much greater challenge to maintain engagement and drive sales.

Now is a great opportunity to make use of the technology you have available and develop virtual sales activation strategies to support your sales team, or channel partner sales team, to remain invested in driving sales. Effective sales activation strategies can boost sales numbers, improve the sales team’s quality of work and bring in customers who offer a healthier ROI, and this is the same when they are carried out virtually.

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By working together to increase brand awareness and drive sales forward, the sales team can grow revenue and play a crucial role in the business’ success. However, being out of office may cause the sales team to lose touch with the brand they spend each day representing. Virtual sales activation days can help ensure sales teams are aligned with the same organisational goals. At CR, we believe that a key part of success is making sure your sales teams have the skills, knowledge and support to deliver their potential, and this becomes more important when the team is remote. Virtual sales activation days can incorporate all the learning and gamification aspects of a physical hype day, and take it online for virtual audiences. Adapting to the current unprecedented circumstances through completely bespoke virtual activities also demonstrates a determination to support sales teams, which is important at times of decentralised working.

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Engaging a newly remote sales team is important for maintaining morale as well as sales figures. Virtual sales activation days engage teams at the same time as delivering training and learning, ensuring teams are motivated to get results in this turbulent times. Gamification activities such as traditional ‘safe cracker’ or ‘escape room’ activities can be designed with an engaging theme to support key training and learning messages. Furthermore, building a culture of rewarding your sales staff, whether that’s your own team or a channel partner’s, can encourage better sales. Prizes such as vouchers or prepaid cards, or online catalogues of prizes, can motivate your sales teams to further engage with the activities. In general, we’ve seen digital rewards becoming more popular in the present situation as a result of the postage issues – digital rewards can be sent instantly so are far more accessible. At CR, we’ve found that live leader boards can encourage healthy competition between client’s team members and hence drive engagement in the activity. By projecting your business goals and messages, gamification in virtual sales activation days can motivate the sales team to push for better results.

Benefits of virtual sales activation days

A key benefit of virtual sales activation days is the ability to receive live reporting on ROI and budget management. This enables the business to make informed decisions on the success of the training. Furthermore, virtual engagement with the sales team allows you to better control the effectiveness of your business, including tightening up areas of weakness and helping drive pipeline sales. Another benefit of virtual sales activation days is installing confidence in your sales team. By building brand awareness and product knowledge through engaging activities, your sales team will feel more prepared when dealing with clients.

We’re all facing new challenges right now, from adapting to daily life in lockdown to learning to manage a remote workforce. Taking your sales activation days online doesn’t have to be a headache – they can prove very low maintenance with high rewards. At CR, we run all aspects of the day and report back to you on the engagement and success throughout each event. With bespoke platform branding, your day can seamlessly include all of your business objectives, and can easily be re-branded for future use.

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As a founding partner of CR Worldwide, Juliet began her journey with the company in 2002. Moving from Operations Director to Product and Propositions Director in 2014, she has played a significant role in shaping all aspects of the business to help it become the award-winning company it is today. In this time, she expanded the operational side of the business, – from her sole role to a department of over 40 – a team that successfully delivers and manages over 1000 reward and recognition programs for clients worldwide.