600% increase in redemptions on their Long Service program with a new reward initiative

Programme objectives

  • Increase employee morale
  • Make employees feel valued
  • Show appreciation for staff
  • Encourage staff to stay longer
  • Celebrate 10-year long service milestone
  • Replace old programme with easy to manage solution

The solution

We recommended launching a brand new and fresh, fully branded Virgin Atlantic online programme that allowed employees (Aircraft Cabin Crew, Pilots, Baggage Handlers, Airport Services staff, plus many more) to visit the site to claim their reward for ten years’ service to the company.

To demonstrate to employees the paramount importance of their appreciation and commitment to the brand, the programme would include our prestige rewards catalogue packed full of high-end premium and inspirational rewards. This in itself would be a driver to encourage future loyalty and work towards receiving a high-desirable reward for their service.

Virgin Atlantic

What we did

The programme was designed and built incorporating the Long Service Award feature in the Recognition module within our MyRewards programme technology.
The look and feel of the site utilised the iconic Virgin Atlantic branding, with simple functionality and clear directions making an easy user experience.

We complemented the programme by setting up automated branded communications that triggered an email to be sent to employees, congratulating them on their ten years’ service milestone.
The communications shared how they can exchange and spend their point’s award, with a worthy choice of rewards from the catalogue.

The programmes offered a concise reward offering of around 300 rewards across five key categories. This provided the catalogue with more focus and was easier to navigate, ensuring the user found the right reward for them. Highlights of the new range include, experiences from the adrenaline fuelled driving of supercars and flying to the more indulgent spa day, the latest must have technology to watches, jewellery and fragrances from top designers. Virgin Atlantic were keen to offer a travel range too that employees could use on their flights, which included designer luggage, carry-on bags and travel accessories.

Employees have the entire milestone year to redeem their reward, but 20% of redemptions are made within the first month of the award date.

The response was overwhelming to the new site. Users who had points on their account for some time were finding the updated site very easy to navigate, searching through the new rewards and spending their points, equally the new users were impressed with the range of the rewards. Within the first month of launching the new catalogue, they achieved a 600% increase in redemptions.

By having an all-encompassing, simple programme enabled the Virgin Atlantic HR team to reduce their admin time on this section of their job role, but still have a highly impactful and effective programme in place to increase employee motivation, morale and retention.

The results


600% increase in redemptions from long service employees


20% increase in the number of redemptions made in 1st month from award date

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600% increase in redemptions on their Long Service program with a new reward initiative

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