Improving employee attrition by 46%

Programme objectives

  • Create a new recognition culture
  • Improve staff turnover and retention
  • Increase staff morale
  • Generate better working relationships
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Encourage longer length service

The solution

With the help of a focus group, we were able to identify key business issues that we could improve and position BetVictor as ‘the place to work’, amongst a traditionally competitive environment.

A newly established set of company values were the premise to launching a new reward and recognition programme that would demonstrate appreciation of employees contribution to the business, by rewarding achievements.

The aim was to build an environment where people felt valued, had job satisfaction and wanted to be part of. With a workplace culture where recognition was an integral part of the business and reciprocal, productivity was likely to improve and moving to a competitive company wouldn’t be a priority.

iMac, iPad and iPhone screens showing the Bet Victor / MyRewards implementation

What we did

BetVictor Values You is an online points banking website which is the centralised source to communicate and engage with the employees and use as a mechanism to reward best behaviours, performance and loyalty.

Utilising the Recognition module within our MyRewards engagement platform, the programme functionality includes:

Peer to Peer nominations – employees nominated their colleagues for demonstrating a company value. Reflects the respect and appreciation from their colleagues, not just from management.

Thank you eCards – a quick and easy way to demonstrate appreciation through one click of a mouse.

Long Service – rewards for achieving key anniversaries within the business. Introduced long service awards from 1 year, to show the dedication to employees and improving retention quickly.

Birthdays – points awarded for special occasions like employee’s birthdays.

Suggestion schemes – employees could submit ideas for improving the business, with points awarded for ideas implemented.

Referrals – employees could recommend people to join the company; if they were hired they would be given points.

Rewards catalogue – points could be redeemed against desirable rewards; catalogue full of big brand products and experiences but also vouchers for local stores in Gibraltar.

The look and design of the website incorporated BetVictor’s sponsorship of sporting brands such as Liverpool FC and Real Madrid, to make employees emulate the teamwork, morale and celebratory appreciation the footballers execute.

We used an API feed to connect BetVictor Values You to the company portal, allowing easy access to the Recognition platform.

A kick off ‘town hall’ presentation launched and drove awareness of the programme. Employees were given scratchcards loaded with points that they could immediately add and redeem on the site, whilst instantly engaging with the platform.

To maintain momentum and keep the programme at the forefront, we sent supporting email comms throughout.

The results


Employee attrition improves by 46% YOY


7146% increase in site visits per month from the target KPI, on average

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Improving employee attrition by 46%

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