Drive greater employee engagement, loyalty and productivity

What is Employee Recognition?

In business, employee recognition is the positive acknowledgment of a staff member’s hard work and good performance. It can involve a simple thank you by email or a big reward to recognise their day-to-day efforts. This is a key part of your employee motivation and can go a long way in benefiting your staff performance and your company’s development.

CR Worldwide quickly designs, launches and optimises high-impact employee engagement programmes that:

  • Improve staff morale
  • Enhance workplace productivity
  • Optimise retention / reduce attrition
  • Enhance the power of peer-to-peer recognition
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Create a ‘recognition’ culture
  • Empower managers and employees
  • Strengthen core business value behaviour

All powered by our Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Manage MyRewards technology platform.

How an employee recognition programme can help your business

Integrating this type of incentive programme into your company can help you achieve the deliverables you need to get the most from your staff. You can keep them happy, satisfied, engaged and focused on your company’s goals, all year round.

State of the Global Workforce, Gallup, October 2013, says: “Well thought-out incentive and reward solutions can work wonders for staff motivation and address the challenges facing HR professionals. When implemented effectively, they can have measurable benefits to businesses for weeks, months and even years.”

Our MyRewards platform speeds programme results

Our market-leading online employee engagement programme platform provides total performance tracking, reward redemption and a communications hub that’s ideal for engaging employees. This online points banking platform is a ‘white label’ system, so it can be fully customised to your company’s brand identity. Each user has their own unique, password-protected account that allows them to earn, save and redeem points for rewards securely within the platform.

Employee Recognition success stories

Here’s how CR Worldwide helps brands around the globe implement employee engagement and loyalty.

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600% increase in redemptions on their Long Service program with a new reward initiative

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Creating a new company culture of recognition with 32% improved retention

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Improving employee attrition by 46%

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Why is employee recognition important?

Your staff are often your biggest asset as a business. This is why it is so important that they share in your values and believe in your business goals. Employees that align to your vision will often perform better due to being more actively engaged in your company and wanting to help develop your brand.

Recognising the efforts of your employees can help to boost this level of engagement with your business. This can help with morale, employee retention and avoid staff becoming dissatisfied or negative which can be harmful to the motivation of the rest of your team.

As an employer you should acknowledge and reward hard work, this can help to keep staff motivated and wanting to do well, which in turn can be a massive boost to the effectiveness of your business and the level of service you provide your customers.

Your recognition programme can help to highlight, reinforce and reward the behaviours you want to develop in your staff. Aligning your incentives with your brand values can help you to recognise the staff who exemplify everything your business is all about and help to ensure they remain engaged and serve as an example to rest of your team, helping to spread those important values across the rest of your staff.