Engage your partners to increase your share of channel sales

Driving performance and business growth

As channel partners are key to the growth of your business, it’s essential that they understand and believe in your brand and product offerings. A channel incentives programme will make sure they’re on board and fully motivated to sell. The most successful are simple yet engaging, designed to increase your partners’ knowledge and confidence to increase your sales and market share while rewarding them for improved performance and loyalty.

CR Worldwide quickly designs, launches and optimises channel incentive programmes that engage your channel partners and inspire them to work harder for you.

  • Increase sales and market share growth
  • Raise brand awareness and loyalty
  • Speed to market with campaigns
  • Easy to track performance through target trackers and leader boards
  • Effective and trackable use of MDF spend
  • Develop brand advocacy and ambassadors
  • Incentivise at business or sales person level
  • Increase product and brand knowledge for more confidence in sales enablement

All powered by our Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Manage MyRewards technology platform.

Our MyRewards platform speeds programme results

Our market-leading online channel incentive programme platform provides total performance tracking, reward redemption and a communications hub that’s ideal for engaging employees. This online points banking platform is a ‘white label’ system, so it can be fully customised to your company’s brand identity. Each user has their own unique, password-protected account that allows them to earn, save and redeem points for rewards securely within the platform.

Channel Incentives success stories

Here’s how CR Worldwide helps these brands maximise the value of their channel relationships.

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Global channel program driving 1447% increase in sales claims

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Custom sales and incentive trip programme drives boost in sales

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Nuance Logo

Custom channel incentive programme increases pipeline sales by 35%

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Why are Channel Incentives important?

Your channel partners won’t necessarily deal with just your brand, products and services. Keeping your business, products and brand front of mind and ensuring you are the first business they recommend is crucial for your ongoing business growth and development.

Channel incentives help you to make sure channel partners remember your business and services and recommend them over your competitors due to forging a personal connection with your channel sales partners.

Incentivising your brand helps to put a focus on it for channel sales teams.

This can help to build familiarity with your brand values and a deeper understanding of your products and services, making your business much easier to talk about and recommend to customers.

Building a relationship, especially one that rewards consistent sales performance can help to foster better sales for your business and keep your brand front of mind with your channel partner. This can be a key motivating factor in your helping your channel sales deliver strong results for your brand over your competition.