How to plan for a summer sales incentive

Posted by Dan Kelly

Seasonal theming is a fantastic way to build interest around a sales incentive. Depending on the time of year, this can impact the promotion, design and even the rewards on offer to members of your sales teams.

Incentives around the summertime can be a fantastic way to help drive your team and improve morale. With that in mind, we explain what to think about when it comes to creating a summer sales incentive.

Build interest and engagement

There’s a lot of recognisable imagery that goes along with summertime. BBQs, beaches, cocktails, music festivals and sporting events just to name a few.

Utilising these recognisable elements in the build up to your event is a fantastic way to get sales teams excited and ready to try and come out on top in your incentive. This is especially important during the colder months when staff might be longing for nicer weather. You can play off this to really build additional levels of hype and excitement.

Building interest is important to the success of any incentive. Being able to do this early and ensure that staff are engaged and willing to take part before the incentive begins is important to driving the increased levels of sales and performance that you are looking to achieve.

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One way to do this might be through a hype day. A smaller event held in the lead up to the start of your incentive can help kick the incentive off in the right way and really play up the summer element. For example, as a general summer hype day, you could create a beach shack in the workplace. This could really help you play up the sun, sea and sand aspect with a faux beach and mocktails to get people in the mood for summer. Decorate the sales floor with bunting, inflatable palm trees and deck chairs. Whilst providing a desk drop of sunglasses, drinks coolers or sombreros.

Seasonal rewards

Building you incentive around a season can influence your potential rewards. During summer you could consider a variety of events, including:

  • Travel to sunny destinations abroad
  • VIP tickets to festivals
  • Tickets to sporting events such as Wimbledon

Tying your reward into the season of your event is a great way to create to build interest and potentially help create a theme for your incentive.

You could also consider putting a slight spin on the reward and offering something you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the season. This might be an option to go skiing, or on holiday to somewhere near the arctic circle such as Iceland or Norway. This point of difference is something to consider if you have a team that tend to respond poorly to more seasonal incentives and you want to offer something a bit out of the ordinary or unexpected instead.

For more ideas on how to reward your salespeople take a look at our blog, How to inspire your salespeople with a summer channel incentive travel scheme.

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Building the theme around a season, or your seasonal reward can help with the promotion of your incentive.

Specific events, such as a musical festival or sporting event will have certain imagery that will go along with the branding of your incentive. For example, Wimbledon has tennis rackets, trophies and strawberries and cream as just some of the recognisable images that can be used to build interest in your reward and get staff excited and motivated.

The theme of your event is important, as it helps to emphasise both the reward on offer, and the seasonal aspect of the event taking place. Your theme is also what ties all of the various elements of your incentive together.

Having everything working in tandem makes the incentive easier for staff to understand and focus on, which is important for trying to drive the levels of performance that you need.

Helping you to plan the perfect summer sales incentive

Getting your sales incentives right is a perfect way to help boost sales and keep your staff engaged with your business. Focussing your incentives on recognisable times of year and seasonal events is a great way to build an incentive that ties into existing interest and excitement.

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