Launching a new product with a sales floor day

Posted by Jo Kelly

Whenever your business brings a new product to market it’s important that your sales team are enthusiastic and knowledgeable in order to effectively sell the new product to your customers.

One way to guarantee that your staff are primed and working at their best when a product finally launches is through a sales floor day. Designed to build interest, increase motivation, and provide a boost to sales, these events are ideal for getting a new product off the ground. This blog explains how they can help.

Drive Sales

We’ve previously explained why these days are impactful. The key goal of a sales floor day is to help drive sales, Creating a sense of competition between your staff and sales teams can help achieve this.

With a new product launch, this could mean seeing who sells the most within a set time period or throughout the course of a day. With some product launches, such as a games console, for example, this could be tied into the idea of upselling. For instance, you could see which sales people will attach the most additional value to their sales by selling additional games and accessories.

You could offer prizes for the staff member with the highest additional sales, or the highest individual sales during the day.

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This can motivate staff to work harder to drive sales and win the potential prizes available to them.

Build enthusiasm

A sales floor event is designed to motivate staff by providing competitions and incentives throughout the day to keep them engaged with selling.

Doing something fun, such as a themed sales floor day or offering a big prize at the end of the day, like an incentive trip, can help to drive sales and maintain momentum on the sales floor.

A themed sales floor day could be related to a popular event at the time. This could be a music festival, a film release, or sporting event. You could then offer related prizes to staff, like tickets to a gig, film, or football match.

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Or it could be themed around a travel incentive. For example, if your incentive ends with the winner going to Las Vegas, a casino or gambling theme can help to remind staff of what they are competing for. It can also add a sense of fun to their working day.

A product launch should be an exciting time for a business. It’s an expansion of their offering and represents a chance to reach more customers. Making sure that your staff are motivated and engaged during a launch, by holding a sales floor day, can reap massive rewards from a business in terms of sales.

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