Top incentive travel destinations for summer

Posted by Jo Kelly

Incentive travel is sure to be an incredible reward for all the hard work your staff have been putting in. Though, once you’ve decided on incentive travel for your staff’s reward, the question then becomes simply: where do you go?

To help you decide, we take you through some of the best summer incentive travel destinations and why you might choose them.


If you’re looking for incentive travel filled to the brim with cultural delights, then Rome is a fantastic option. Take a trip over to the Colosseum or the Pantheon to admire some of Rome’s most historic landmarks, or simply enjoy the sights at your own leisure as you walk around the area during the day.

You could also consider dipping into Vatican City to witness the Sistine Chapel and gaze at Michelangelo’s iconic ceiling painting, a landmark of not only Rome, but western art itself.

You also can’t let your team forget that you’re all in the heart of Italy, and you have a wealth of options to take in some of the finest Italian cuisine you’ll find. Take a look around for restaurants and sit down to some traditional Roman and Italian delicacies.


Maybe your team is more of the mind-set that they want a holiday with a real party atmosphere to cut loose in. If so, then the Greek island, Zante, is the perfect choice. With nightlife that includes the famous “Zante Strip” of clubs and events such as foam and boat parties throughout the year, you’ll never be lacking for entertainment.

With that said, Greece is still a beautiful country, which provides plenty of opportunities to explore in the downtime between nights out. With a wide range of pristine white sandy beaches, you’re always able to relax a little between nights out with a little swimming and sunbathing.

One of Zante’s main attractions is the Loggerhead turtles that nest on the island. You could take a brief cruise out onto Zante’s crystal clear waters and see if you’re lucky enough to spot some turtles swimming around in Laganas Bay.

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France is another equally amazing cultural destination to relax in. You might choose to visit the Arc de Triomphe and witness France’s iconic Tomb of The Unknown Soldier and its eternal flame, or you could choose to take a visit to the Louvre, featuring not only the finest Parisian artistry, but a range from all throughout history and the world. A country as rich in history as France has a wealth of landmarks you could visit.

France is also known for the calibre of its wine and the rich history that comes with it, so one memorable experience you could look into is a winemaking course that will teach you the processes and intricacies of wine making and tasting.

Perhaps you want to include some staff family members in the trip? If so, Disneyland Paris is the ultimate destination for a family-friendly and unforgettable experience from start to finish.

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Perhaps you want to treat your staff to a trip outside of Europe. Singapore is a fantastic city, a bright and vibrant cultural metropolis which offers a variety of activities your teams will love.

From seeing historical sites, swimming with pink dolphins, or taking in the cities emerging high end shopping and contemporary architecture. Singapore is a varied location, one place to definitely visit is the Gardens by the Bay. An intriguing look into one vision for what the city of the future might look like.

You could also time your trip to let you take in the grand prix, the only night race on the Formula 1 calendar.


Maybe you want to take your staff away on a fantastic outdoor adventure. Why not let them try their hand at being a cowboy for the day as part of a trip to Texas?

Texas is a big place, three times larger than the UK it offers a huge range of activities, from watching the Dallas Cowboys compete in the NFL, visiting the NASA Space Centre, going on a horseback riding adventure or simply indulging in some of the best BBQ food on the planet there’s plenty to do in the Lone Star State.

With such a huge variety of activities and opportunities to provide a varied itinerary Texas could be a fantastic location for teams that have a broad range of interests, allowing you to provide activities that everyone is sure to love.

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