Seasonal Incentive Trips

Posted by Jo Kelly

Offering an incentive travel trip to your staff is a fantastic way to motivate your team and drive performance to new heights.

Linking your incentive to a peak trading period or big event is a great way to drum up interest. But how do you plan a seasonal incentive trip? What should you keep in mind and how do you decide on the perfect seasonal location?

The right destination

The first thing you need to decide on is which seasonal event are you basing your incentive around? This could be anything from Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day to summer holidays or Halloween.

Picking a seasonal event to centre your incentive around can help you to pick the perfect destination. For example, summer might be something simple like a beach holiday or trip to a sunnier climate. Whereas Halloween might be a city break that involves a ghost tour.

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You need to decide if the location you are going to offer as your incentive reward relates directly to the seasonal event, or if it provides an alternative to what staff might expect. For example, sending someone to a warmer destination in winter such as Malta or Hvar in Croatia as a chance to escape to the sun. This is a great way to reward staff with some last-minute sun as winter sets in.

Alternatively, you could think about sending staff somewhere cooler in summer such as Norway as an opportunity to escape the heat and explore frozen glaciers or go dog sledding. This is a great way to provide a break from the norm of summer, giving staff the chance to do something out of the ordinary and really memorable.

Getting your destination right, either by fitting it neatly into the season or as a break from the norm, can build interest, motivation and hype. Staff want to work harder for the chance to jet off on a trip of a lifetime. Tying that into a seasonal sales period where a business potentially has higher targets and KPIs to reach can be a huge benefit.

The right time

Some seasonal events occur during peak trading periods. Christmas, for example, is often too busy for many businesses to afford to send a group of staff or a high performing team member away for a few days.

Your incentive trip might be themed around a seasonal event, but keep in mind when you actually want to send staff on the trip. This could factor into your communications and promotions around the event. Perhaps you theme a Christmas incentive as a chance to unwind in the new year and send top performing staff on a short break to a top incentive travel destination.

Timing a trip correctly can be more beneficial to a business, allowing you to retain your highest performing staff during busier periods, before rewarding their efforts and making them feel truly special them with a once in a lifetime trip.

Doing this can help recharge staff, letting them return to work reenergised and ready to continue delivering exceptional levels of performance.

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The right promotion

Choosing how to promote your incentive competition and engage staff is important. This builds a level of interest and hype that encourages them to get involved and compete to win a major prize.

With seasonal incentives, you have a number of options. You could tie your promotion to the season itself, such as a romantic getaway to Paris for Valentine’s Day, or visiting a city with a major New Year celebration.

You could get staff engaged by handing out items that relate to the incentive itself. For example, to highlight a Valentine’s incentive leaving roses on desks to remind staff the event is coming up. Or to promote a summer getaway setting by up a beach hut in the foyer of a building where staff can unwind and also track their progress in the incentive, seeing how close they actually are to winning the trip.

Getting your promotion right can help your incentive avoid being overlooked, allowing it to deliver on its maximum potential and really get the most out of your staff. From creating the right seasonal feel to giving staff members something to look forward to. Finding the right angle to promote your incentive can work wonders for how enthusiastic staff are towards it.

Providing your staff with the best incentive travel experiences

Incentive travel isn’t just about the destination and what it has to offer. The right destination can become a great thematic goal for an incentive that helps you to really drive enthusiasm and motivation amongst your staff, delivering greater results for your business.

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