Organising a trip to your business HQ as part of your incentive travel

Posted by Jo Kelly

Exciting incentive travel destinations don’t just have to be exotic coastlines, historic capitals and thriving cities. When done well, a day visit or longer trip to your business headquarters can be a great way to incentivise your staff, especially if it’s based overseas. It can inspire them, make them feel a key part of the team, reaffirm loyalty and boost motivation. And the buzz of the experience can also be brought back to the office, as excited staff tell their colleagues all about their trip.

So, what should you consider when organising a trip to your business’s HQ as part of your incentive travel?

Travelling to the HQ

The activities on your trip don’t have to start once you reach your HQ. You can make the journey there a big part of the experience, and an exciting start to the visit. Depending where your HQ is based, you can arrange for staff to travel there together by train or plane. And from the station or airport, you can arrange for a branded luxury coach to take the team to the headquarters.

You can also arrange for someone from your HQ to act as a host for the journey. They can do a talk on things like the trip itinerary, as well as the history of the headquarters, to drum up excitement. They could also do a tour of the site, if the headquarters are built across a large space. Or they could do a sightseeing tour of the local area if the company has been involved with developing the local community.

Seeing the operation in action

A big part of your time at the headquarters should involve a tour to see its operations in action. Staff can feel honoured and privileged to see a different side of their employer, look at the key technology running behind the scenes and see other members of the workforce carrying out different roles.

Depending on your business and what it sells, this could involve a tour of the HQ’s different departments, such as the managing director’s office, and the factory where goods that you sell are manufactured. Your staff could be taken into the rooms where products are brainstormed, and then see prototypes and new designs. You could also tie in your visit with a press launch, so staff can be involved the experience of launching a new product or service.

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Meeting inspiring people

Introducing your team to key staff, who will excite and inspire them, should be an important part of your visit. This can range from the company president and senior management to designers, people working on the factory floor and the distribution team. For instance, you could arrange for the company chairperson to give them an introductory talk when they arrive.

You could also have a key director, like someone who leads your business or technology development, give a presentation about how your services or products have changed. You could also set up a Q&A session with the managing director, where your team could ask them any questions they might have about the business. The visit could end with a networking session where your employees get the chance to network with HQ staff, build rapport and start to build up new business relationships.

Dining in style with HQ staff

The food and drink you provide for staff during a HQ trip can emphasise the feelings of being values and special that they might experience thanks to being selected for the trip. You could arrange for your team to be greeted with a champagne reception and canapes when they arrive. You could also organise for employees to enjoy a luxurious team lunch with the president and senior management.

An evening meal, where your employees have the chance to dine with HQ staff, could also provide a great end to your visit. You could also arrange for staff to be given a branded goodie bag of treats. As well as providing them with a special treat for the journey home, this can be a little something that helps to reiterate that your staff are valued and appreciated.

A trip to your company headquarters can provide an inspiring incentive travel experience for your staff, from seeing new technology to meeting and dining with senior members of your business.

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