Corporate away day ideas for large groups

Posted by Jo Kelly

Away days are a great opportunity to help staff interact in a less formal environment, train or learn. If you’ve got a large team, across multiple departments or different sites, you might think your away day options are limited.

We explain the sorts of events perfectly suited to larger groups.

Team-building days

Team-building days are great for helping teams learn to work better together and improve relationships between staff.

With large groups you could split staff into teams, based on department, store, role, or even create a staff verses management scenario. The idea is you create a mixture of people in each team, and help them get to know each other by having them compete in some friendly competition against one another.

For example, an outdoor pursuits centre in the Lake District could see teams compete against each other to build a raft to get the whole team from one point to another. If the outdoors isn’t an option, sending your staff to race against the clock and each other at an escape room event, where there are multiple rooms to escape from, could be a fun alternative.

You could even have teams compete over a number of events, with the winning team being treated to a special prize at the end of the day.

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Training days

Training days help to improve the skills of your staff, or introduce them to new techniques, which can help them be more effective in their roles.

With large groups, training can involve large seminars and presentations to ensure everyone has the same access to information. Following this, it’s worth breaking into smaller groups to put what staff learn into action.

This allows them to put theory into practice and learn more in a practical setting. It also helps groups learn to work well with each other, helping and supporting colleagues when, for instance, putting their ideas to use.

Motivational days

Motivating a large group of people might sound like a daunting task. One away day idea that can really help with this is an awards night. This could involve pampering your staff with a glamorous awards dinner with entertainment and handing out prizes to high-performing staff in each region. You could also include awards for highest sales or best customer service, for example.

This could be a huge team night out, taking over a nightclub, or it could involve letting everyone blow off steam with a big game of paintball.

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This rewards all of your staff and highlights great team and individual performance. It can also help to encourage those staff, who didn’t win, to work even harder in the run up to the next awards night.

Other ways to motivate can be as simple as providing a means for staff to let their hair down.

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