Motivating staff into a new year

Posted by Dan Kelly

You might have used various incentives and promotions to drive your staff and your business to new levels of success in a year. This gives you a fantastic platform to build on for the next year, but how do you maintain momentum?

We highlight some of the things you can do to continue motivating your staff into a new year.

Build on successes

Look at what went well over the previous 12 months. You might have developed skills within your team that have caused improved levels of sales or trailed new ways of training and working in one part of the business to great success.

This might highlight skills and techniques that can be rolled out to the rest of your business. You could do this potentially through e-learning or incentives. For example, you could use e-learning to highlight new sales techniques or ensure staff are up to date on new business processes.

Incentives could be used to ensure new business practices bed in effectively. For example, say  you launch a loyalty scheme for your customers. Staff could be rewarded with points based on the number of sign-ups they get, which can then be redeemed against a range of rewards.

Looking at what has worked in other areas of your business can be a great starting point for engaging staff to ensure they also reach the same heights as your other team members.

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Reward effort

If you’ve found your staff are responsive to additional rewards alongside their salary, such as vouchers, team nights out and other incentive rewards then it is a good idea to continue to reward consistent performance and maintain that level of staff loyalty and motivation.

You could reward staff at various points in the year, not just with seasonal incentives but perhaps in a larger company event that acknowledges and rewards high levels of performance in different areas, such as combined sales or levels of customer service. This could become an annual event and provide staff with something to work towards each year alongside other incentives, helping to drive continuing motivation.

Your rewards don’t have to be grand gestures and events all the time though. Points vouchers and e-cards, smaller rewards that staff can redeem are a great way to maintain momentum throughout the year as little rewards, given out often, can be a great way to keep staff motivated and happy.

This can also tie into other areas of your planning for 2018. Perhaps you’re rolling out a new service, in which case tying an e-learning programme into the preparation can help get staff up to speed, while a sales incentive can help to ensure staff are enthusiastic about and actively promoting your new service to your customers.

Planning your rewards and incentives for the next 12 months can be a huge help in organising the way you help to motivate your staff.

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Training and improving skills

Looking at the strengths you can build on is only part of the puzzle. It is important not to overlook your weaknesses.

Think about the areas where your business could stand to improve over the next year. Look at the different ways you could improve performance in certain areas. Perhaps you sell electronic goods and offer additional warranties. Attachment rate might be a KPI you track but is also one that hasn’t performed particularly well. Offering a degree of training to staff on how to sell the product, and incentivising the sale of those warranties could be a help.

Putting focus on areas that need to improve, and taking steps to drive that improvement can be a great way to improve any flagging KPIs.

Helping you to drive better performance from your team

Getting your staff rewards right can help demonstrate that you appreciate and value the effort and hard work your staff have put in over the last 12 months. Not only is this a great way to thank staff, but it also serves as a great way to motivate and inspire staff by showing that their work is valued.

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