How to improve your B2B customer loyalty

Posted by Dan Kelly

Customer loyalty was once just a focus of B2C markets, namely the retail industry. But in order to stand out in often saturated and competitive sectors, many B2B companies are making it a business priority, as a way to hold on to their clients and not lose them to their competitors.

Whether you’re a business that supplies products to firms in an industry, or one that provides services to companies in a specific sector, here are key ways to improve your B2B customer loyalty and ensure your customers stay loyal to you.

Reach out to customers regularly

A key way to improve your B2B customer loyalty is to regularly reach out to your clients. You shouldn’t just contact your business customers when you want their money or when something bad happens. You should reach out to them at other times too. This can show you have their best interests at heart and help to build and maintain your business relationships.

You could check in to see how things are at their end, or share good news about developments in your company or new products that you’re planning to launch that might interest them. You could also congratulate them when something big and exciting happens in their company. For instance, if they successfully launch a new product or service that you know they’ve spent some time creating, or if they’ve won an industry award. You could email them an ecard to say congratulations, or send them a gift in the post. Doing things like this can show you care, and show you value the loyalty of your customers. So it’s important to keep on top your customers’ business developments.

It’s also important to reach out to keep relationships strong with your first point of contact of each client. For instance, if the key contact of one of your clients leaves their position or changes job role, you should make an effort to get to know their replacement as soon as you can to try and develop a strong business relationship with them too. You could take them out for lunch or just invite them to your offices for coffee, as a starting point, to help them build trust and confidence in you and your business.

You could decide who to reach out to based on your online loyalty programmes. An online programme, like our MyRewards platform, can monitor and track the users who engage with your different communications. This allows you to identify not only your engaged customers who you can continue to maintain the existing relationship with but also highlight those who might be less engaged and require some extra care and attention to either build or restore a sense of loyalty.

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Expand your reward offerings

Another way to improve your B2B customer loyalty is to expand the rewards you offer. That is, the loyalty rewards you provide for a business’s custom, such as discounts, gifts and exclusive offers on your products or services. This can help a customer feel that they and their business is valued and appreciated.

Rewards offerings could include a free trial of one your latest products, or a free demonstration of a new service you’re providing. Or you could offer them conveniences – things that make the jobs of your business customers easier. This could range from a guide about a change in your industry, which they will find helpful, to a free month’s supply of a product that they frequently buy.

Providing on the spot rewards such as scratch cards or giveaways are a great way to continue to build momentum with customers and keep them engaged with your business in between larger reward programmes.

You could also provide personalised support as a loyalty reward for long-term customers, making them feel even more valued and a key part of your operation. This could include a personal account manager who works directly with a client when placing orders and dealing with billing and queries to help make business processes quicker and easier.

Listen and take action

You should always make time to ask your customers for feedback, such as about the products and services you provide. But it is one thing to ask feedback, it’s another to listen and take action on what your customers are telling you. While there might be suggestions you don’t agree with, or that are too big to put in place, there might well be some ideas that are achievable and will be beneficial to put in place. Taking action on customers’ feedback can show that you’re listening and responding to what they think and say.

Better still, it’s a good idea to tell your customers about any changes you make to your business, which they have suggested. For instance, if one of your customers suggests you use a certain type of software feature in your business processes, which you decide to implement, you should tell them. You could send them a card, for instance, or email them a thank you note to explain what you have done. Little things like this can go a long way in recognising your customers’ input.

Improving your customer loyalty is a key way to ensure your clients stay loyal to you and continue to choose you above your competitors. From making efforts to reach out to your customers, to taking action on the feedback they give, there are many ways to take your B2B customer loyalty to the next level.

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