Creating an awards show for your company

Posted by Jo Kelly

Creating an awards show can be an effective way to get more from your staff and, in return, your business. But a lot of work is required to make sure these events are successful and deliver across these areas.

So how do you create a company awards show and what things should you consider to ensure it’s a success? This blog aims to help.

Benefits of holding an award show for your business

There are many benefits to creating an awards show for your company. Amongst other things, these events can:

  • Make your staff feel special and appreciated
  • Show you know, recognise, and value your key employees, teams, and departments
  • Motivate your staff to work harder before, and after, winning an award
  • Encourage your staff to stay loyal to your business, follow your business values, and work to become your ideal employee


When considering what awards to include, you should first think about what you want to get from your employees in terms of the way they work. You should then think about those individuals who bring that to your business. This includes things like great work ethic, high quality of work, exceptional punctuality and diligence, as well as excellent communication, creativity, and leadership.

You should then create awards that reward in those areas, while adding some to cover different areas of your business. This could include awards for best team, best department, best client project, and best overall employee. Depending on your company, your awards should also mark staff who have gone above and beyond their duties – from an award for a sales person who has achieved the highest sales to an employee who has not had a day off sick all year.


When considering your awards, it’s a good idea to think about key people who will present them. To do this, it’s worth not just looking within your business, but outside it too. While it’s important to include key company directors, your staff are sure to feel even more special being handed an award by someone famous in your industry.

Consider inviting a local respectable celebrity to hand out a key award, or asking a highly regarded figure in your business sector or key industry association. Perhaps also include a key speaker or thought leader, who has spoken at a recent conference your staff have attended.

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The venue of your awards show is also important in making the night more of a success. Choosing a fancy venue should encourage more staff to attend and make them feel special. It also provides a chance for them to get dressed up in their best black tux or evening gown.

You could consider a lavish hall or conference centre and decorate it accordingly. There are also other options that can work well to hold your awards night, such as a theatre or a stylish room in a museum or art gallery. Such places can help bring a touch of style and class to your event. If your budget is tight, you can always decorate and theme a room in your company offices.

Food and drink

It’s a good idea to make your awards show into a bigger, grander event by including a range of food and drink.

Wining and dining your staff throughout the occasion can make them feel more special and valued.

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Depending on your budget, this could involve a classy three or four-course meal and complementary wine, with waiting staff serving up the dishes. Alternatively, you could organise a catering service to hold a carvery, or something more basic like fish and chips or curry. An intimate champagne reception is also a good way to begin the evening and make your staff feel special from the moment they arrive.


Holding an awards show can provide a great, fun, form of entertainment for your staff. The awards you choose, along with the winners and presenters, can all add to the entertainment. But there are other things you can do to keep them entertained and make your employees feel special.

You could include an interval in the middle of your event, when, for instance, a local celebrity comedian could do some stand-up comedy. After the final award has been handed out, you could hold a disco, or invite a local DJ or band to perform. This can allow your staff winners to let their hair down and celebrate into the night together.

Creating an awards show for your company

From the presenters you choose, to your food and entertainment, there’s a lot that goes into making a company awards show a success. At CR Worldwide, we pride ourselves on creating awards shows that help companies get more from their staff and their business.

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