Benefits of a partner summit

Posted by Dan Kelly

Partner summits, with their big production teams, big guest lists and bigger budget, often come with extravagant venues, displays of leading technology, and finale concerts that could rival any pop group’s latest arena tour.

But under all the glitz and glamour, are there any actual benefits to partners in a business network getting together to hold a partner summit?

From bringing quality partner-to-partner engagement to inspiring staff teams and individuals, we explain the key benefits of holding a partner summit and why these events certainly aren’t all style and no substance.

Engaging with your partner network

Having your partners and all their staff under one roof can result in quality engagement and the opportunity to engage with your whole partner network.

Your partner summit can be a melting pot of brainpower, talent, ideas and expertise as partner companies, employers and employees, key people in your supplier chain, even your clients and customers, come together.

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This can lead to creating more ways for you to collaborate and do business together, grow and develop. For instance, working together to accelerate your position in the market, strengthen your value proposition, be more competitive, and increase and retain your customer bases and revenue.

Your partner engagement can involve interaction on a business level, like seminars and roundtables, where directors and senior can be questioned on topical challenges and issues. You can also provide engagement on a more personal level, like informal social events, including networking lunches and drinks receptions. Such partner interaction can also provide the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, hear views, build contacts and bring staff closer together and feel part of one big strong team.

Sharing your knowledge, experiences and achievements

By bringing partners together, a partner summit can allow staff to share their business knowledge, experiences and accomplishments and learn from one another. Partners can learn a lot by sharing what they know, what they’ve done and what they’ve achieved. Together, they can hear about, discuss, review and analyse the latest industry issues and challenges, as well as any lessons they’ve learnt, from what worked well to what could have worked better and ideas for solutions.

Your partners could share imperative data in keynote talks and seminar groups, such as from research, white papers and case studies, as well as their experiences using tools, software and processes like training programmes, sales techniques and staff development procedures. You could also share crucial client and customer feedback, such as testimonials and product or service reviews. Forums and group sessions can provide individuals with a mouthpiece to share their stories and experiences, allowing managers and directors to hear first-hand from employees. Partners can share their staff achievements too, allowing your hard-working individuals and wider strong teams to be recognised, praised and congratulated on a bigger scale.

Educating your partner teams

Creating the opportunity to educate your partners and their staff is also a big benefit of a partner summit. Demonstrations, discussions and seminars, led by your highly trained industry experts, could be held to teach staff about new tools, techniques and working processes. This could help partners improve current skillsets and build on the knowledge and expertise they need to stay on top of industry changes and current trends and get ahead of the market.

You could hold sessions to train employees and improve specific areas of partner teams, whether that’s strengthening sales strategies that aren’t generating sales or adapting management techniques that aren’t bringing profitable and reliable teams. You could also hold demonstrations to help employees better understand new technologies or clearly explain product features, giving them the information they need to do their jobs better and meet key business objectives head on.

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Inspiring your partner community

Giving staff inspiration is another key benefit of having your partner community hold a partner summit. Bringing people together on an epic scale in a high-energy, bright and exciting environment can inspire and motivate staff right across your partner community. What you include in your event agenda, from motivational talks by highly regarded CEOs to exclusive product demonstrations to the opportunity to try out the latest interactive virtual reality technology, just for fun, can inspire them to not just achieve their goals, but go beyond their company expectations.

Events at your partner summit, such as keynote speeches, seminar discussions and brainstorming sessions can inspire partners on a big scale. This could include becoming more creative, embracing opportunities for research and development, taking risks to tackle on-going challenges and testing new ideas. They can also inspire you and your partners to develop more streamlined processes, create more effective team strategies, and introduce more efficient ways of working, all to get more from your whole workforce. This could range from building stronger relationships and better work ethics to reaffirming company loyalty and developing more positive attitudes to work, company managers, and each partner under your business umbrella.

How we can help you put together an effective partner summit

Partner summits can bring you and your partners many benefits, which can drive your business network forward. From engaging and educating individual employees to sharing expertise and inspiring new approaches, processes and company ideas, these events can allow your partners to grow and develop together.

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