How a MyRewards Plus package will benefit your business

Posted by Juliet Caswell

Incentivising and rewarding your staff in business is key to getting more from them.

But different business may want their staff to achieve different things, from following company values to achieving higher sales to having better product knowledge. This is where our MyRewards Plus package can help.

This blog explains MyRewards Plus and how this package will benefit your business.

Explaining MyRewards Plus

Built on the solid foundations of MyRewards Starter, which provides all the key features you need to start incentivising and rewarding in the most straightforward way, MyRewards Plus allows you to select an additional module to enhance the programme for your business.

The MyRewards platform awards points to staff for achieving set objectives, which can then be exchanged for a choice of rewards within our Global Rewards Catalogue. You can issue Instant Points Vouchers (IPVs), which staff can immediately exchange online for prizes, or they can save up their points to put them towards a larger reward in the catalogue.

With MyRewards Plus, you can select one of three additional modules to enhance your system and meet your business’s requirements. You can:

Our team will implement MyRewards Plus, according to your key objectives, using your selected module and customisable functionality. The platform can also be fully branded to align with your corporate identity or themed to suit a promotion, product or service.

Benefits of the recognition module

With an increased focus on engagement and productivity, this module encourages staff to embrace company values and follow best behaviours. Points are earned by fulfilling objectives, achieving long-service loyalty, referring a friend, or suggesting a new idea. Our recognition module also allows you to implement peer-to-peer nominations, ecards and instant prizes, reinforcing a culture of recognition. This module facilitates:

  • Anniversary or long service awards
  • ecards
  • Peer-to-peer nominations
  • Instant awards
  • Idea schemes
  • Refer a friend
  • Team awards
  • Employee of the month or year
  • Manager approvals, budgets and reporting
  • Multi-currency
  • Multilingual

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Benefits of the performance module

Great for incentivising sales staff and partners, this module maximises your business by increasing sales performance and driving business revenue. You can set targets and track top performers using leaderboards and target trackers, integrate data with your sales platform, add claim forms with multi-tier approvals, and upload proof of sale or purchase. The performance module aligns with:

  • Tactical campaigns
  • Claim forms and approvals
  • Upload proof of sale or purchase
  • Track sales information
  • Leaderboards
  • Target trackers
  • Prize draws
  • Top performers’ awards and recognition
  • Manager approvals, budgets and reporting
  • Multi-currency
  • Multilingual

Benefits of the e-learning module

Our fully integrated e-learning module allows you to reward staff and resellers for completing service or product training. Through interactive modules and tests, your staff can learn to develop valuable brand ambassador relationships and communicate better with potential customers. Our e-learning module helps you to create a highly skilled, knowledgeable team of experts, who will improve your company performance and generate higher sales.  This module includes:

  • Management of e-learning courses and quizzes
  • Videos, imagery or reading materials
  • Interactive question types
  • Auto-marked tests
  • Award badges
  • Management points awarded
  • Progress tracking
  • Multilingual

5 key benefits of MyRewards Plus

  1. Single location – By streamlining processes into a single centralised location, you can enhance staff engagement and increase productivity. Staff are more inclined to participate in a quick and easy interaction. They’re also more likely to embrace peer-to-peer recognition, as you can make awards visible for your employees to see on an ‘achievers wall’.
  2. Track ROI – Dashboard reporting, budget accountability and ROI functionality allow you to easily track progress, measure against sales figures, and determine return on investment.
  3. Encourage incentive ideas – Whether it’s a channel incentive, tactical promotion, or new product launch, you can boost knowledge of your products over your competitors. You can also engage with sales staff through innovative themes, and make interacting with your brand desirable.
  4. Have fun while learning – Functionality, including gamification and incentivised learning, drives participation and provides a fun way to improve product and brand knowledge. This can be useful for company inductions, competitor product comparisons and all types of training.
  5. Recognise those important to your business – Whether it’s your specific employees or your sales or channel sales teams, recognition will drive performance and success. MyRewards Plus makes this easy and fun.

Helping you do more for your business

MyRewards Plus gives your business more, allowing you to do more for your staff and get more in return. You have more options, which gives you more opportunities, whether that’s engaging your employees, boosting your sales team’s performance, or improving product knowledge and creating brand ambassadors.

We’d love to help you engage, motivate and strengthen your company team with our innovative MyRewards Plus package. To learn more about this package and the other services we offer:

As a founding partner of CR Worldwide, Juliet began her journey with the company in 2002. Moving from Operations Director to Product and Propositions Director in 2014, she has played a significant role in shaping all aspects of the business to help it become the award-winning company it is today. In this time, she expanded the operational side of the business, – from her sole role to a department of over 40 – a team that successfully delivers and manages over 1000 reward and recognition programs for clients worldwide.