Sport Themed Tactical Games

Posted by Dan Kelly

Knowledge is power. Arm your sales team with the product and brand knowledge required to get those deals over the line. Educate and motivate sales teams to hit their goals, with sporting themed e-learning quizzes and interactive games.

Discover how NFON utilised a themed promotion within an exisiting incentive program to help boost programme participation

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The Tactics

Just like any sporting principle, tactics plays a key part to shaping the future of the game. Whether you plan to attack the competition or defend your position as market-leader, sales people need to be equipped with the skills and positive mental attitute, to visualise the end result of being front-runners.

Enabling sales teams with the knowledge and insights required, whilst providing an incentive to perform, will encourage them to be experts in their field and motivated to reach the top of their game.

Here’s just a few ideas on how you can incorporate tactical promotions within an existing incentive programme or launch a series of interactive games to boost engagement, motivation and participation. It’s time to implement your tactical plan now and achieve your goals… 

Introducing the formation to success 

Utilising our MyRewards white label platform technology, we will build a bespoke, fully branded portal that can be utilised in your channel ecosystem to drive desired business behaviours. The Question of Sport themed incentivised learning promotion concept can be plugged into an existing channel programme (such as a summer incentive football promotion) to help motivate and educate partners and sales teams, or can be positioned as a stand alone promotion, running for a tactical amount of time.

elearning football
  • When users complete an action, like making a sale, they are invited to play
  • Users answer a series of questions within interactive online quizzes, to improve knowledge whilst earning rewards
  • Questions are tailored to specific requirements and information you want teams to learn more about
  • Prizes are awarded based on successful completion of quizzes and tests
  • Prizes / points /prize draw awarded based on any budget
  • 2 week set up

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Game for something new?

Utilising Gamification in channel and sales incentive programmes, brings many benefits and can result in a 100-150% increase in engagement, according to M2 research.

Introduce fun and interactive gaming elements to an existing incentive programme to encourage site visits and boost user engagement, or release a series of games to motivate staff quickly.

Football gamification
  • Utilise off-the-shelf games such as Spin the Wheel, Slot Machine, Scratch Off, Puzzle Match, Throw Game, Strike Game, Catch Game or Pick Poll (we have hundreds of different style games to choose from)
  • Or have a game tailor-made to fit your theme and requirements
  • Customise your entry form to capture valuable customer data securely
  • Games can be fully branded and styled to suit your target demographic
  • Control how your participants can play and win
  • Control how, when and the frequency of game play
  • Set specific prizes and how you want winners to be selected
  • Chain multiple games together to create a unique and more immersive user experience
  • Prizes can be tailored depending on budget


Question of Sport, Masters of Europe and Sporting Games are concepts, we have plenty more themed promotional ideas that can be applied to your incentive initative, custom to your budget and launch times. Simply get in touch to discuss your objectives and requirements.

As a founding partner of CR Worldwide in 2002, Dan helped develop the company from a start-up business into the multi-million global brand it is today.