These global brands count on CR to engage, motivate and reward employees, customers and partners worldwide - FAST

Our approach

We are performance improvement experts, passionate about building sales, recognition, event and reward programs that get outstanding results for our customers – FAST.

Our approach and execution have proven, to some of the world’s more recognisable brands, that there is a better way to drive greater and faster impact.

All too often, companies looking to drive greater engagement with their key audiences get drawn into overly complex program design, development and deployment.

Our MyRewards easy-to-implement, use and manage performance improvement platform is the simplest and fastest way to engage all your key audiences and create the results you need.

Our MyRewards platform speeds results

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  • Our turnkey MyRewards platform can quickly tailor the program to suit enterprise requirements
  • Modular digital and live event packages simplify program design
  • Easy Sales and/or HR data integration with our APIs


  • The platform is fully mobile-optimized and responsive – a complete, multi-device experience
  • MyRewards’ dashboard helps participants find all their account information in one place
  • Global rewards fulfillment is fast and easy

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  • Fast and easy approvals, of nominations and claims, drive improved engagement
  • Real-time reporting on participation, ROI and budget management lets you evaluate performance on-the-fly
  • Minimizes administrative burden so much you can even manage the program yourself!

CR Worldwide inspires success

Our innovative platforms and events engage people and improve performance. We help companies grow by rewarding best behaviours from the people most valuable to their business – employees, customers and partners. In creating award winning recognition, incentive and event programs, we inspire people to do more.

Success stories

Don’t just take our word for it – read all about how we have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and helped them achieve their business goals, as well as get a great return on their investment by using our rewards and incentives services.

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600% increase in redemptions on their Long Service program with a new reward initiative

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Innovative sales incentive initiative providing a 5844% ROI

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Incentive travel trip encourages EMEA reseller partners to achieve 203% of sales target

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Fast launch for quick to impact electrical installer sales incentive

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Global channel program driving 1447% increase in sales claims

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A-Team themed Focus Days drives increase in Acer product sales

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Simple, quick to market FMCG campaign for increased customer loyalty

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Improving employee attrition by 46%

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